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About Us


Jewels Of Hawthorn's master jeweller was learning his trade from the very young age of 10 years old. Every school holiday he would go to the elder Armenian Jewellers in his town, who like his family had moved to Turkey due to conflict in Armenia. It was during this time he was taught all the basic skills of being a Jeweller. He would learn a trade and also make some pocket money to help his family who were not well off. A lot of the Armenian’s who moved to Turkey were Jewellers and they still continue this trade there.

By the age of 15 years old he had to stop going to school and earn his living, so he opened up his own store in the famous 'Kapalı Çarşı Grand Bazaar' in Istanbul, where he would hand make solid gold watch cases and straps, then fit the watch movements and sell them. He worked hard and saved money until he was 22 years old, and then moved to Australia where his Aunty and Uncle lived.


in Australia he worked as a Jeweller for himself, and eventually opened up a Jewellery manufacturing business which he operated for 25 years. He then moved into Jewellery retail with his daughter, Seta, where they have been operating in Hawthorn since 2003. 

Our background is Christian Armenian and a lot of the occupation of the Armenians even here in Melbourne are Jewellers as that’s the only real opportunity that was available to them growing up in Turkey.


The Best Shopping Experience

Established in 2003, Jewels of Hawthorn is a father and daughter team that has been serving the Hawthorn and surrounding communities, offering the finest quality jewellery and exceptional customer service to our clients.


In addition to our huge variety of jewellery, we are renowned for having the most talented jeweller onsite offering the highest quality jewellery and watch repairs. 


Our new online store aims to provide a more convenient way to shop and interact with us and we will ensure a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise that fit any budget. Check it out and start shopping today.

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Quality Repairs

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